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(Founded 1910)

Welcome to the Yorkshire County Parks Bowls Association website.
On this website we would like to tell you a little about the association and the people who currently run it, as well as keeping you up to date with all the latest Competitions & Merits.

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The Executive Council wish to thank the following for their most generous and continued support.
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To advise here contact Jack Summers


Last Updated - 10/09/2020


Dear all,

We at YCCGBA hope you and your members are keeping safe.

Covid 19

Sadly a bowler has tested positive in our area at a recent event. The host club sent in a risk assessment and are following guidelines and protocols, they are implementing track and trace. This shows the importance of the guidelines issued by BCGBA and YCCGBA.

This is a timely reminder to all that this is a real epidemic and can impact on anyone so any club/league planning an event or competition MUST complete a risk assessment and retain contact details for all attendees to the green and be aware of the current restrictions especially if there are local measures.

Closed Greens

There were no notifications of greens remaining closed as requested in our last communication.

Winter Leagues/Events

Just a reminder if you are planning any winter leagues or events please check if any open certificates are required and make sure you have the correct risk assessments in place.


Surveys are being sent out be Sport England if you have received a grant and request for a survey it is a condition of the grant that you complete the survey, do not delay in completing this.

The Future

We are currently looking at how to hold a council meeting, would all districts please confirm if they are agreeable to take part in a ‘Zoom’ or ‘Teams’ Meeting, or would you prefer to attend in person (as long as it is a recognised person from you district if your normal representatives are unable to attend). We will also aim to look at the finance position and discussing fees and subscriptions for 2021.

Mark Waite has already started planning fixtures for 2021 and will be looking to send out his first draft soon.


At last membership cards have been received from BCGBA and all new card requests have been issued, any new applications can now be sent in the normal manner.

S N Cochrane & D Alan Stephenson
(Joint interim CEO YCCGBA)


Following discussions with each County Association and a County level survey on BCGBA National competitions, we have decided to roll over all competitions to 2021. This covers the Men’s, Juniors, Veterans and Ladies competitions.

This means that the fixtures for all our 2020 County Championships (Seniors, Juniors, Ladies) will be moved to 2021, with a subsequent delay in the 5-year rota for the Men’s County Championship.

The Presidential Rota’s will also carry over to 2021 with the Men’s Senior Merit remaining in Cumbria, Junior Merit in Greater Manchester and Ladies Merit in Greater Manchester.

The Men’s World Club Championships Qualifiers for 2020 will also roll over to 2021 and we will issue further information when we are able to do so.

It is hoped to find a suitable date to complete the 2019 Ladies Champions of Champions later in the year, subject to restrictions allowing.

The Handbook 2020 will therefore cover 2020/2021 and an addendum will be produced in 2021 to reflect date changes etc. This will be updated on the website as soon as we are able to confirm dates and agreement with relevant venues.

This decision has been taken to ensure that we are able to protect the safety of our membership as at this time it is not possible to ensure we would be able to complete matches and qualifiers in a safe and secure way.

The following documents are available for download

Guidance for the re-opening of greens

Risk Assessment

Clubs remaining closed poster

Please be aware that this is for Phase 1 of the opening of greens and will be reviewed in light of any changes for Phase 2 when additional groups may be permitted. This is to ensure that we have safe opening of greens and to give clubs a chance to get used to the process needed to keep everyone safe.

This currently only applies to English clubs!

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Jack Summers